Patient Stories

Patient Stories

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My experience with Dr. Di Liberto was one that I will never forget. I crawled into his office with a pain that could only be described as " electric death". If anyone has ever suffered a disc herniation, you know exactly what I'm speaking of. I was playing basketball, when I felt a small pain in my low back, thought nothing of it and continued to play. The next morning, I went to get out of bed when the mother of all pains shot up my spine and propelled me back to the bed. I had been to chiropractors before and knew I had to get checked out, just didn't know how to get there. I searched through the phone book, found Dr D's number and he called me back right away. As I said I crawled into his office, crooked as could be and put my health in his hands. It was quite possibly the best decision I had made in my life. Dr. D examined me closely, explained what was going on, sent me for an MRI, to confirm his diagnosis, handled my insurance company to approve it and started a treatment plan right away. After 2 sessions I was able to walk, not well, but walk. After 1 week, I was able to tolerate the pain better. After 3 weeks I was walking straight, with little pain and felt 1000% better. In all, it took about 6 to 7 weeks before I felt myself again. But I was without pain, exercising and without having "to go under the knife". After about 90 days I was back to playing ball and exercising as if it never happened. I now know the tools to staying and living healthy.

Thanks Dr. D, You gave me my life back, the RIGHT way !

Jersey City, NJ
Posted By: Eric B.
I was 4 months pregnant when I started seeing Dr. Di Liberto. I had never been adjusted before and now I was even more concerned that I was pregnant. I had complained to my Ob/Gyn about some low back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. She told me I probably needed to be adjusted and that I was not balanced due to my pregnancy. I was surprised to hear that she recommended me to see a Chiropractor. I always thought medical doctors did not think that highly of Chiropractors. I asked her if she knew of any that she could recommend, she said I should see the one she goes to. Of course! It was Dr. Di Liberto. I was still nervous but went with confidence. Dr. D was kind, considerate, professional and very, very knowledgeable about pregnancy and pregnant women treatments. He took the time to explain exactly what is going on with the changes in my body and how he could help in relieving some pain and discomfort so I could enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. After seeing Dr. D for several treatments I was able to move around without unnecessary pain and enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy! The labor was a whole other story! To this day I still see Dr. D on a maintenance basis as does our new baby, my husband, his sister, my sister, my father.....well you get the picture.

Your the best Dr. D. Thanks for giving me and my family a new understanding of health!

Jersey City, NJ
Posted By: Melissa P.
I can't actually remember how or when I met Dr. D. I've been a patient for years. I'm sure glad I did. My life was hectic and still is. I was an IT consultant for many years then changed careers and became a massage therapist. I thought that would be easier on my body. Wrong! I was hurting even more; hand pain, arm and shoulder pain, back and neck pain. You name it, I had suffered from it. After taking time to explain what was going on in my body, Dr. D proceeded to treat me for some time. It wasn't easy, it took several months, but I learned that after years of abuse that I had put my muscles and joints through it would not get better overnight. Today, I am able to practice and work with very little discomfort. I still have to manage my career and exercise routine, but thanks to the way Dr. D treats I know what to do to help myself and what things to stay away from. Its refreshing to meet a professional who clearly loves what he does.

Jersey City, NJ
Posted By: Felinda P.
When I first went to see Dr. Di Liberto, I was suffering from some pretty dibilitating back pain. I wasn't able to get relief from any physician or alternative therapy. At my first visit, and after a very comprehensive physical and discussion of my present and past medical history, I was really impressed with how in a short amount of time he was able to explain to me exactly what was going on in my body and how he could assist in correcting it. Turns out he was right. After several weeks I was completely pain free and able to actively participate in more social activities. After feeling confident with Dr. Di Liberto's ability to help me, I decided to confide in him a condition I have had for many years that I knew was not his specialty but thought he might be able to lead me in the right direction. After explaining to him that, again no other doctor had been able to diagnose and treat my issue, he seemed to be up to the challenge. Several days later in his office, I was inundated with medical texts and resources regarding what he thought was going on. He took the time to give me a crach course in my anatomy and gave me a possible diagnosis I could take to my other specialist and discuss with her. Upon discussing this information with my other doctor, she was really impressed with my research ability and confirmed that that is exactly what was happenng to me. After I admitted that my Chiropractor had figured this out, she paused, seemed very surprised, then said " Wow, you found a great doctor! " Enough said.

Thanks Dr. D for caring.

Jersey City, NJ
Posted By: Lena W.
Dr. Di Liberto has been my Chiropractor for 8 years now. I have been to many Chiro's in my life, but I have to say, he was the only one who addressed all my concerns through the years. Most of my experience with other doc's has been to "yes" me and perform the same treatment for every condition. With Dr. D, he addressed any injury that arose with personal attention to how it affects MY body and MY lifestyle. I have been actively involved in running all my life. I ran in high school and in college and still run today, so needless to say I have had my share of injuries. Dr Di Liberto is very knowledgable, aware and takes the time I need for him to explain exactly how my injury will affect me and how he will work with me to assist my body in healing correctly. Today, I've moved out of the area, but I still make the commute to his office no matter where I am, or where I will go in the future.

Thanks Dr D, you have made a world of difference in my life!

New York, NY
Posted By: Melinda K.
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Patient Stories

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