Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Michelle : Office Manager


Michelle Estiler, Office Manager

Michelle joined the practice in 2010 and began as an entry level receptionist.  Michelle has diligently worked her way up through the years to where she now manages the practice and oversees all office operations and procedures.  More specifically Michelle is proficient with the ever changing insurance policies and HIPPA procedures.  Including but not limited to Major Medical, Worker's Compensation, and Personal Injury Policies.  

Michelle works directly with our billing and consulting company to assure that both our patient's needs and our office policies are streamlined for efficiency and productivity.  Michelle is furthering her career by pursuing an R.N. degree in nursing and one day hopes to work in our office in that capacity.













Dr. Edward Tjoe, DPM (Podiatrist) 


IMG 0021Dr. Edward Tjoe is a national and state board certified Podiatrist.  Dr. Tjoe specializes in sports related injuries to the foot and ankle.  As Dr. Di Liberto's practice treats most athletes both professionals and amateurs alike, along with the weekend warrior syndrome; its quite complementary to have a podiatrist on hand to handle cases where more invasive treatment is necessary. Along with sports related injuries Dr. Tjoe also treats a multitude of common foot disorders such as skin wounds, fungal infections, bunions, in-grown nails, heel pain and diabetic foot conditions.



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