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K Laser Therapy

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The laser we use in our office is of the highest quality and most respected nationally!  We are proud to use the K-Laser phototherapy system on our patients.  Our office is the only one is Hudson County to employ this laser.  The laser is used by some of the most well-known professional sports physicians and trainers such as the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Bengals as well as many Chiropractors, Podiatrists and Physical Therapists.

There is now a well-established research community dedicated to the general study and optimization of the biological effects of laser phototherapy.  Mountains of research have been done on individual cells with regards to the effects of low level light therapy (LLLT).  We invite you to please go to the K-Laser website and read all about the amazing advances that laser research has done in order to help relieve your pain and stimulate the body's response to healing!



The wavelengths employed by K-Laser are fine tuned for success.  We have one wavelength (970nm) that coincides with a peak in water absorption.  The 905nm wavelength along with others at 800nm and 970nm lies at the peak of the broad absorption curve of oxygenated hemoglobin.  This means once the blood gets to the cells the phototherapy will most efficiently stimulate the passing of oxygen from the hemoglobin into the cells for use in metabolism.  Finally, the 800nm beam lies at the peak in the cytochrome c oxidase redox cycle; once the oxygen is then in the cell the phototherapy stimulates the cyclic process of using and replenishing oxygen, thereby maximizing the ATP (energy) throughout the cell.  (Whew!! lots of scientific words)

Remember, the name of the game is oxygen!  Getting it into the cell, getting the cell to use it faster to make more energy and then letting the cell's natural processes boost the body's healing properties.

This results in curative and analgesic (pain free) effects upon every treatment session as well as continued relief in the future!

Please call us today to see how our treatment protocols can help you live better and live stronger!


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