Jaw Pain / TM Disorders

Jaw Pain / TM Disorders

jaw painWhat are TMJ Disorders?
TM (temporomandibular) disorders, also called TMJ, affect the joint where your skull meets your lower jaw. Stress, grinding or clenching your teeth, poor posture, or an injury can cause the joint to become misaligned. You may hear clicking sounds or have pain, stiffness, or a locked jaw.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat TM Disorders?
The doctor is trained to restore the health of your spine and joints. Special chiropractic methods, may help improve range of motion in your jaw and relieve your pain.

Your treatment depends on the cause of your jaw disorder. During an adjustment, the doctor presses on your jaw, skull, or upper spine to relieve irritated nerves and increase your jaw's range of motion.

Related treatment
The doctor may suggest other types of treatment to reduce pain and restore smooth motion in your jaw. These may include ultrasound, heat or ice, massage, or jaw exercises. The doctor can discuss these with you.




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